Best Cheap Cat Food 2020 – Our Top 10

How To Find Quality Affordable Cat Food

Just like any other cat parent, you want what’s best for your cat. So naturally, you want to give them a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet to enable them to live a long, happy and healthy life. Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning that they have a biological need for meat. Hence, they generally require a lot of fat and protein in their diet to be healthy.   

Although a cat is able to digest other types of foods, protein is the main focus in its diet and should be sourced from premium animal sources. Therefore, it is crucial that food that is rich in those nutrients.   

Unfortunately, this can quickly become expensive as cat foods that are made out of the best ingredients tend to be pricey. 

Even so, you don’t have to buy expensive cat food to find these nutrients. There are many affordable cat foods that are ethically farmed to provide quality, nutrient-rich cat food.   But how do you navigate the long aisles of cat food brands to find the best one for your pet? 

Here are a few tips to help you find the best cheap cat food for your furry friend: 

What To Look For When Selecting The Best Cheap Cat Food  

Important factors to consider when shopping for healthy cat food  

  • Natural, whole-food ingredients  
  • No less than 30% quality animal protein  
  • 15-20% healthy animal-based fats  
  • Digestible carbs and fiber  
  • Essential minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and enzymes  
  • No fillers, artificial additives, coloring, flavors or by-products 

Understand your feline’s nutritional needs 

Feeding your cat with low-quality food can result in unintended consequences like vitamin and mineral deficiencies or even unhealthy weight gain. In turn, these deficiencies can lead to clinical health issues that require medical care.   

This is why it is important that you understand you have a thorough understanding of your cat’s dietary needs to be able to make healthy, but affordable food choices for your cat.   

Shopping for the right cat food for your pet can be challenging, especially because of the many options available in the market. Therefore, you need to have a thorough understanding of your cat’s nutritive needs. This will help you choose the best cat food wisely.   

Understand the factors that influence the price 

Other than having a clear understanding of the features to look for when buying high-quality affordable cat food, it is important that you understand which factors influence the price. Usually, animal protein is usually more expensive than wholesome, natural ingredients and plant-based protein.  

Dry food is usually cheaper than wet food. Fresh, freeze-dried and frozen cat foods are usually the most priced of all cat foods available. Hence, the price of the product you will buy will mostly depend on what you choose. Ideally, you want to strike a great balance between quality, quantity, and affordability.   

Read the Ingredients 

Quality animal protein should be listed as the first two ingredients:  

When buying cat food, make sure to buy one with a list of its ingredients. Meats give cats the protein they need to maintain their muscles and nutrients for optimal coat and organ function.   

High- quality inexpensive cat food will list a source of animal protein such as beef, lamb, fish or chicken as the main ingredient with plenty of healthy animal fats and limited carbohydrates. This should be followed by fat sources such as tallow, lard, and oil.  

Avoid artificial colors, preservatives and added flavoring 

Do not buy cat food that is made with wheat, corn, soy ingredients or those that have artificial additives like flavors, colors and artificial preservatives.  

Stay away from toxic ingredients like onion, chives, and garlic

Avoid unspecified meat sources  

Best Cheap Cat Food – Top 10 List for 2019

Keeping in mind all the information provided above, which was sourced from credible sources with scientific background, we have worked hard to discern marketing from the facts about cat nutrition to provide you with the list of quality inexpensive cat foods. We have looked at pr

1. Tiki Cat Wet Cat Food 

Tiki Cat Food

Tiki is a popular cat food company that aims to provide your cat with the highest quality food at an affordable price. Its shredded chicken breast recipe is their most popular product and is loved for its highly nutritious foods that are also flavorful.   

Chicken, which is its main ingredient is slow simmered in real chicken broth and then shredded up. The chicken broth helps to keep the food moist to prevent dehydration. 

This cat food offers 44% more protein than most more expensive brands on the market.  Also, the food is grain free and comes with no rice, corn, wheat or soy 

2. Meow Mix Wet Cat Food

meow mix cat food

Meow Mix offers the best cheap wet cat food. This cat food brand is made with high-quality proteins and all the vitamins your cat needs to grow strong and healthy. The recipe is balanced, savory and your furry friend will be begging for more.   

Meow Mix Savory wet cat food contains 3 different varieties of cat food for your furry friend to enjoy. The food combinations include:

  • Tuna and Crab in gravy  
  • Ocean fish n Salmon in gravy   
  • Whole shrimp and Tuna in sauce  

3. Nature’s Variety Instinct Cat Dry food 

natures variety instinct cat food

A kitten’s diet should be built around premium animal protein like meat, fish, and poultry with essential fatty acids for energy and coat Support. This is why Nature’s Variety Instinct cat food is a great choice.   

This whole food is made of 80% animal ingredients. This is one of the best cheap cat food for kittens. This grain-free cat food delivers protein-packed food that is highly digestible and loaded with all the necessary nutrients for your cat to develop strong, healthy muscles 

4. Purina Beyond Natural Grain Free Ocean White and Egg Recipe

Purina Beyond Natural Grain Free Ocean White and Egg Recipe

This is one of the best cheap dry cat food products in the market. This Purina product contains real fish and poultry as its first ingredients and zero corn, soy, wheat, gluten, poultry by-product meal, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.  

Purina is a renown pet food producer, having served in the industry for over 8 decades. It’s known and loved for its high quality and nutrition-dense pet foods which come at affordable prices.   It features Salmon as its main ingredient and chicken meal as a supplementary source of concentrated protein. Purina’s Beyond Natural cat food also contains grain fee carbs and beneficial supplements 

5. Rachael Ray Nutrish Wet Cat Food 

rachael nutrish cat food

This cat food by Rachael Ray is made with simple and 100% natural ingredients. Real chicken is the first ingredient listed on tits packages and it comes combined with wholesome vegetables, brown rice, and essential minerals, taurine, and vitamins, which is everything your cat needs.   Additionally, there is no wheat, soy, corn, by-products or fillers added to the food. This dry cat food is kept simple and natural to deliver a balanced diet and natural flavor for your cat without needing to use of artificial flavors or additives 

6. Nutro Max Indoor Dry Cat Food 

Nutro Max Indoor Dry Cat Food

This pet food is made with select ingredients and omega fatty acids for balance and overall wellness on a budget. Its ingredients comprise of real proteins, cranberries, blueberries, and vitamin E, and C to provide an excellent source of antioxidants for a healthy cat diet.   Its first ingredient is a chicken meal, which is made from real chicken with most of the fat and water removed. The chicken is combined with easily digestible brewers rice and is available in weight control option for cats that are a little less active

7. Friskies Shreds Variety Pack 

friskies shreds

This is another popular and affordable cat food option when it comes to affordable, high-quality products. This massive variety pack comes with 4 totally different flavor combinations that are sure to make your cat’s taste buds happy. These flavor combinations include: 

  • Beef in gravy
  • Ocean whitefish and tuna in sauce
  • Turkey and cheese in gravy
  • Chicken and salmon in gravy

All these recipes are made using real meat and fish, so you know what you are getting is healthy. The food is shredded to make it easy for your cat to chew and enjoy the food 

8. Weruva Classic Cat Food 

Weruva is one of the best grain-free cat foods on the market today. This product is especially loved for its high-quality protein components and low carb and fat foods.   

Its main ingredient is chicken, which is combined with other kinds of ingredients, including pumpkin soup, great tasting shredded meat and vitamin supplements 

9. Wag Chicken and Giblets Cat Food 

This Amazon in-brand cat food offers a wide variety of affordable options in both dry and wet food for cats. This food features fresh chicken as its main ingredient, combined with wholesome fruits and vegetables 

This food has been listed primarily because it offers a great value for a very low price, however, we are placing it a bit lower on the list for the pure reason that our cat did not like it. Sometimes you have to ask the true cat food experts. This does not mean every cat will dislike it naturally, as the reviews on the website show.

10. American Journey Salmon Dry Cat Food 

This food brand offers affordable and nutrient dense composition that is necessary for growing and adult cats. The American Journey Salmon dry cat food contains salmon as its main ingredients, meaning cats that love fish will not be able to resist it.   

It offers balanced omega fatty acid components, the right ration of protein to fat 


Budgeting your money when it comes to buying cat food is a great way to save for other expenses. However, you always need to consider quality over quantity. Read carefully through the cat food products above to choose the best one for your cat’s needs. These are some of the best quality, affordable cat food that contains all the nutrients and minerals needed to greatly improve and maintain your cat’s health.