Cat Food for Smelly Poop

Best cat food to prevent cat’s litter from stinking up your house exists, however, you have to make sure you understand that sometimes not even food can help if the issue is not related to nutrition. In any case, to answer following questions, read the rest of the article! Is your cat recently having smelly poop? Are you looking to evaluate the specific reasons as to why they are experiencing this issue? Do you want to know the best cat food for litter box odor? Read through the subsequent sections for a more detailed insight into everything you need to know about preventing cat litter from stinking up your home.

Best Cat Food For Smelly Poop

We have looked around to find the best cat food so poop doesn’t smell and have decided to name these products as the best. We mostly looked at what other users are commenting and how they treat this problem. Recommended cat food to reduce the smell in the litter:

Cat Food For Smelly Poop Cat Food Deals
#1 Stella & Chewy’s Morsels Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food Check Deals
#2 American Journey Duck Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food Check Deals
#3 Taste of the Wild Canyon River Grain-Free Dry Cat Food Check Price

Best Kitten Food for Smelly Poop

Kitten food can especially sometimes produce unwanted odors in the litter box. It’s usually heavier in calories and ingredients that cat food for adult cats. Kittens, being very active, require large amounts of energy for their fast growing bodies and metabolism. Also, they often poop everywhere, because they are not used to the litter box yet. Above we have listed some of the best kitten food for less smelly poop we could find.

Kitten Food For Smelly Poop Kitten Food Deals
#1 Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal Kitten Dry Cat Food Check Price
#2 Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Turkey & Chicken Liver Pate Canned Kitten Food Check Price
#3 Blue Buffalo Wilderness Kitten Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food Check Price

What Causes Cat’s Poop to Smell so Bad Sometimes?

According to Dr. Mike Paul, there are several causes for smelly poop with cats:

1. Change in diet

If your cat’s poop has recently grown smelly, a change in diet might be one of the probable reasons. However, since the diet of cats tend to vary, it is not as easy to ascertain the exact ingredient that is leading to the odor. In elimination agent is the culprit. For the uninitiated, this is the time when you avoid once specific ingredient on a specific week. This way, you can filter out the exact cause. Cat weight management is not easy, but one should start with food. Sometimes its also good to switch out dry food since it can contain more fillers and carbs which are harder to digest. Make sure to only get the best dry cat food.

2. Your Cat’s Hunter’s Diet

If diet isn’t the reason, your cat can also get smelly poop from their hunting habits. Yes, some cats tend to be hunters and the prey they catch result in smelly poop. So, if your cat thrives on bugs, small rodents and some specific reptiles, the cause of this smell is probably evident.

3. Supplements

Other common causes of cat poop include vitamin supplements and bacteria. Since cat food today is highly balanced, using additional vitamin supplements is unnecessary. However, some people still choose to use them which further turns out to be the cause of this resultant poop. If you are insistent on adding vitamin supplements, do so only after consulting with your vet.

4. Bacteria and Parasites

When it comes to bacteria, E.Coli and salmonella are two of the biggest culprits. These bacteria usually result in inflammation which further causes diarrhea and gas, leading to the foul smell. In addition to this, parasites might exacerbate the situation resulting in gassiness and diarrhea. Giardia, in particular, is one of the biggest culprits that usually results in feces with a foul smell. Other parasites in the list are coccidia and trichomonas.

Find best cat food for firm stool , sensitive stomach and diarrhea

5. Digestion Issues

Finally, the most common cause of smelly stool in cats is probably digestive issues. Very often, cats get smelly poop due to mal digestion and mal absorption which is primarily linked with undigested and unabsorbed fat and starch. You can diagnose your cat for either or multiple of the mentioned issues. Sometimes cats have stomach issues as well. We have prepared a special list of cat foods for a sensitive stomach.

Which Cat Foods Make Poop Smelly?

Even before you zero in on the best cat food for less smelly poop, it is important to understand which foods are causing the issue. Note that cat foods rich in protein usually result in smelly poop. However, since you want your cat to grow fast and be healthy, you cannot compromise on protein either. For example, taurine is a type of protein cats need in their nutrition.

Finding the Best Cat Food to Avoid Stinky Poop

The solution? Use natural and more limited sources of protein and team it up with the best cat food for smelly poop. You will find many grain-free cat food for hypoallergenic cats food that will serve your purpose and neutralize the odor in your cat’s poop. In addition to this, make sure your cat avoid eating spoiled food because that too often leads to diarrhea and smelly poop.

Best Cat Food For Litter Box Odor – How to Choose?

When it comes to preventing and reducing cat poop, you should focus on limiting their overall intake of protein to direct and natural sources. Additionally, make sure the cat food you’re buying is both hypoallergenic and safe. Avoid foods that contain soy, potatoes, beef, and seafood. There are plenty of moisture-rich canned foods to pick from. Explore your options for the best picks

Tips on Keeping Litter Box Less Smelly

If you’re looking for the best cat food for litter box odor, it is important to back it up with some home remedies first. This way, you will have a full proof plan whereby your home won’t reek of the shoddy stench of cat poop.

  • One of the easiest ways to go ahead with this is by scooping the litter box twice a day. While we understand that it isn’t a pleasant business, leaving the litterbox abandoned can cause the smell to reek throughout every corner of the house. That is why, scoop it out at least twice every day.
  • You should also make it a practice to replace litter twice or thrice a week. This way, you can nip the issue at the earliest.
  • Finally, invest in a quality litter deodorizer. Spray it at least twice or thrice a day to remove the terrible stench.

When you collectively follow these guidelines in addition to using the best food for preventing litter smell, your house will no longer be invaded with the stench of cat poop.

Is Smelly Poop Natural in Cats?

While smelly poop is natural in cats, you should evaluate the issue if the smell is extremely pungent and almost unbearable.

Do Protein-Rich Foods Result in Smelly Poop?

Yes, low-carbohydrate and high-protein diet is one of the possible causes of smelly poop. However, not all foods are created equal, read the article to find out which is the best to prevent the issue.

How Can I Make My Cat;s Poop Less Smelly

To reduce the smell, you need to ensure your cat is healthy, does not have parasite or bacteria that causes this kind of smell. Try to find natural sourced protein in cat food to reduce the smell.

When to Consult a Vet?

While smelly poop is usually normal in cats, you should consider consulting a vet if the foul odor is accompanied by your feline’s restlessness or especially when you find blood in their stool.

Best Cat Food to Control Feces Odor – Conclusion

Now that you have a clear idea about cat poop and the best cat food for smelly poop, explore your options and make sure your kitty is provided with the very best. Since we covered some of the most important factors in this article, we hope you now have an answer to all your burning questions about the topic. Either way, the key is to clean your litter and avoid the protein intake in your cat. Additionally, you should also limit fatty foods that might irritate their gastrointestinal tract leading to severe issues over time. Instead, only focus on a low-protein, high carb diet. This way, you will end up eliminating the root cause of foul smell in your cat’s poop.